Are you wondering which time of the year is the best time to complete your next move? There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect moving date and some of them are dependent on your personal moving schedule. At Blackhawk Moving we have decided to help you narrow down when the best time to move your home is. Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your moving time frame questions.

Picking the Best Season

It is almost always better to move during the fall and spring, especially if you are moving your own home. Most of the time the weather is unpredictable, but fall and spring give you a more standard weather pattern that makes the temperature reasonable to complete a move. You will not want to manage the complexities that come with the winter and summer months.

Which Day is Best?

Moving during the week can save you money! If you are looking at a specific day of the week to move, renting a truck or a moving company will most likely be cheaper Monday thru Thursday. This may be tricky when planning time off from work, but it will make your move better in the long run.

When to Move During the School Year

A lot of parents often move their children over the summer because it gives them a fresh start in the fall. However, if your child needs a little more one on one time the first couple of days of school it may be better to have them move mid-way through the year. This will give the teacher time to get the students situated and, on a schedule, so the teacher can give your child a little more support to get started.

Moving During the Holidays

We would suggest not moving during the holidays, especially if it is a holiday that involves a lot of traffic. You do not want to spend your move fighting off other vehicles in order to get to your new home. This wastes a ton of time! Instead we suggest you move during a time where most people are at work or school.

Months to Move with a Mover

If you are hiring a moving company, the best months to move will be from November to December. This is when moving companies usually slow down from the end of summer rush. A moving company may have better price points or perks to moving with them during these times.

Call Blackhawk Moving today to see what benefits come with our moving and storage company. We cannot wait to give you an excellently priced quote for your next move. Contact us today.