Moving is an exciting time. It represents new challenges, meeting new people, and new opportunities. For the unprepared, it can be a chaotic time filled with a number of problems that require effective and affordable solutions. More importantly, these obstacles can prevent the move from being an enjoyable success. That’s why it’s so important to hire professional movers that are experienced, reliable, and trustworthy to take care of everything for you.

Beyond hiring the most qualified movers you can find, making sure you’re prepared is just as important when it comes to planning a smooth and streamlined move. In this article, our moving team from Blackhawk Movers will share some of our most frequently asked questions about relocation to help you get started with the process.

Questions to Ask Your Moving Team

To help you get prepared for your next move, knowing what to expect is a key part of the process. Here’s a list of the top questions you should ask your mover before committing to your decision to help you get started with your moving team.

  • What Time Should I Move? If your move-out window is flexible, then consider waiting until the fall or winter if you want to save money. These are off-peak seasons and better deals are more readily available. However, summer is usually the most convenient time for people moving. The best time to move will depend on you and your family, and your needs and preferences for your relocation.
  • Are the Movers Obligated to Stick to the Estimate? This will depend on whether you’ve contracted movers on a binding or a non-binding estimate. All estimates should be in writing and state whether it’s non-binding or binding. Make sure what’s actually included in the estimate and what’s considered extra, as that will also affect the final cost.
  • What Paperwork Should I Receive? Every reputable mover should provide a number of different documents prior to the execution of services. This includes the estimate, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” arbitration information, and contact information for the mover. In addition to these documents, you must be provided a bill of lading at loading time along with a completed bill of lading when unloading. 
  • What is the Bill of Lading? This is the contract between you and the mover. You should receive it before loading begins. Make sure you don’t sign this until you are satisfied with the contents of the contract. Be sure to read over it carefully and most importantly do not lose your copy.
  • How Does Moving Insurance Work? In general, there are three types of protections available to customers. The first is a limited liability, which is the basic coverage required by law and is free. The mover is liable for 60 cents per pound per item. If you have high-value items or desire better coverage then you will want to consider paying extra for enhanced coverage. The next level is added valuation. This coverage lets you claim the current value of the item minus depreciation. This is based on how much you declare your valuables to be worth. The last coverage option is full value coverage. If you’re willing to pay for it, you can have everything covered without depreciation or other qualifications utilized. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance may be the only coverage you need, but it depends on your particular insurance.

Above all things, you should always verify that the mover you choose insured, licensed, and meets or exceeds any regulations or guidelines established within the industry. This is easy for reputable companies to provide so if the company you’re considering falters on this point, then consider a different mover like the trusted movers at Blackhawk Moving.

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