It’s no secret that there’s a lot to do and take care of when it’s time to move. Transferring care providers, shutting off utilities, and packing boxes are just some of the tasks that need taking care of before moving day arrives. However, there’s more to packing than just throwing everything into a box.

One of the largest obstacles faced by people moving is when items come up that movers either won’t or shouldn’t move. Some of these items might seem obvious, whereas others aren’t. That’s why the key to any successful move is to understand exactly what your trusted movers will move and what you’ll need to make alternative plans for.

At Blackhawk Moving and Storage, we’ve been helping our customers make smooth and organized for over 30 years. We’re United Van Lines agents and full-service movers, which means that we have the resources for moving a wide variety of things—including grand pianos, high-tech equipment, and so much more. As capable as we are, there are still some things we’re not legally allowed to move for you. If you’re planning a move and unsure about what you can and cannot expect your movers to transport for you, take a look at this list from our experts at Blackhawk Moving and Storage.

The Banned List: Top Things Movers Can’t or Won’t Move For You

Before packing gets started, it’s important to consult the list of items we have compiled that your local Fox Valley and Chicago moving company won’t move for you. While this list represents the general items that most moving teams can’t move for you, your moving company’s policies could be different from these. To be on the safe side, consult with your moving company about the following items when planning your move:

  • Plants: While they seem innocent enough, it’s illegal for movers to transport plants more than 150 miles. The only exception to this is if your mover has a special license. The reason for this restriction is the potential for pests such as the Emerald Ash—a destructive beetle that multiplies quickly and devastates trees and other plants—to catch a ride during transport. It’s a better idea to donate your plants and buy new ones once you’re settled in.
  • Hazardous Materials: This includes items such as paint, aerosol cans, paint thinner, fire extinguishers, batteries, and battery acid, and other similar items. It’s true they’re not harmful by themselves, but in the right circumstances they can explode. If you can’t dispose of the items via regular trash, then chances are good the movers won’t touch them.
  • Perishable Food: Any food item that can spoil, mold, rot, or any other similar condition is ineligible to be moved by your mover. On the other hand, non-perishable food items are eligible to be moved so all is not lost in this category.
  • Explosives: While this should go without saying, we’re saying it anyway. No ammo, black powder, propellants, primers, or any other similar item is making it on that moving truck controlled by your movers.
  • Domesticated Pets, Livestock, and Exotic Animals: Your movers are not likely to be equipped for live animal transportation. If your pets can’t ride with you for some reason, or if you’re hoping to transport farm animals or other animals to a new destination, you will need to look into other moving options that cater specifically to animal transportation. 
  • Flammable Items: These items are the ones that are automatically associated with fire. Any item like charcoal, kerosene, or other similar materials need to be used up or disposed of before moving day arrives.
  • Corrosives: In this case, any item that contains acid such as batteries with acid are items that movers won’t go near for any reason.
  • Power Equipment with Fuel: Your movers will move your tractors, motorcycles, riding lawnmowers, and other similar equipment. However, the fuel tanks must be completely empty before they will do so. You can either drain the tank or run the item until it shuts off due to lack of fuel.
  • Heavy, Oversized Items: Unless your chosen moving company is experienced and trained to handle your special items, they might not be equipped with the right tools, equipment, or expertise to handle extremely large, bulky, or heavy items. This includes items like pianos and pool tables and oversized furniture among others. If you have these kinds of items, be sure to hire a moving company like Blackhawk Moving and Storage that offers specialty-moving services for oversized items.

Move Everything with Blackhawk Moving and Storage

At Blackhawk Moving and Storage, our team has been the leader in providing innovative moving solutions for our residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. As your trusted movers, we make sure each member of our team is in compliance with moving regulations. Part of our success lies in our ability to provide everything from do-it-yourself moving services to full-service moving tailored to the needs of our customers.

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