chicago piano movers

While searching classified ads, buy/sell groups, and Craigslist, you came across an unbeatable deal on a gently used piano. Though you haven’t really thought of picking up the hobby, you can’t imagine passing up the deal, so you agree to purchase it. Now what? How are you going to move the piano to your home so that you can start tickling the ivories? 

Pianos have a reputation for being incredibly difficult to move. After all, countless cartoons have shown brand new baby grands in splinters after being hoisted up the side of an apartment building. Since there are many challenges to navigate in order to relocate the delicate instrument safely, you could very well find yourself spending an arm and a leg on moving services after you purchase your Craigslist piano.

The Process of Moving

Pianos are heavy, big, and fragile, which makes the process of relocating your new purchase more difficult than most other relocations. For that reason, it takes a lot of training and experience to make piano moving look easy. Depending on where you live, you might find yourself struggling to navigate narrow stairwells, doorways, and more. Not to mention, you will need to have the proper tools to help you carry the piano and take it apart to increase maneuverability.

Moving dollies are very useful during the moving process, but not every homeowner has one. In fact, the majority of homeowners have no way of safely transporting the piano from one home to another. As a result, they find themselves paying professional piano movers and spending more on delivery than their piano is worth. 

Cost Comparison of Buying New Vs. Moving Old

Before you agree to purchase a cheap piano off Craigslist, you should take the time to carefully compare the cost of buying a brand new piano vs. the bargain. To find out exactly how much you could expect to spend in addition to the price of the piano, you should call your local moving company for a free quote. Then, you need to visit a local piano store to compare the cost of their affordable products and delivery fees. Many stores offer free delivery, so you very well might find that it is easier and more cost-effective to purchase a new piano.

White Glove Piano Moving Services

If you already own your dream piano or found a valuable antique for sale, you shouldn’t attempt to make the move on your own. Instead, you should sit back and let Blackhawk Moving & Storage provide you with white glove moving service. We have experience relocating all types of pianos, so we know how to carefully pad-wrap, assemble, and transport your purchase. Our Chicago piano movers even go above and beyond to protect your home’s hallways, walls, and doorways. 

Call today to learn more about our piano moving services at Blackhawk, or you can fill out our online form to request a free quote before you purchase any cheap piano from a private seller!