metro chicago interstate movers

For most individuals and families in the surburbs of Chicago, moving is a fact of life. Whether it’s relocating for work, to be closer to loved ones, or just for an exciting change of pace, you’ll probably end up moving homes at one time or another. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared ahead of time?

Even if you aren’t planning a household move in the immediate future, knowing how to choose Chicago state-to-state movers can be a valuable piece of information to keep in your toolbox. Here’s exactly what to look for in your metro Chicago interstate movers!

1. Proper Licensing as Chicago Illinois Movers

First things first: Any interstate mover you consider absolutely must have proper licensing. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all out-of-state movers to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

This DOT number—along with any relevant state licensing—should be prominently listed on your Chicago state-to-state movers’ website. If it isn’t, proceed with caution!

2. Proven Expertise in Interstate Moving

Even licensed carriers may not provide the level of service you need, so it’s important to check for experience. In general, the more experience a company has, the better prepared they’ll be to meet your needs.

Here at Blackhawk Moving, for instance, we’ve gathered thousands of satisfied customers over 35+ years of industry experience. If you’d like more detailed information, we’d be happy to share our testimonials!

3. Transparency in Service and Pricing

When investigating potential Chicagoland out-of-state movers, another key thing to look for is transparency, meaning an honest and straightforward approach to business. You shouldn’t have to go digging for information, and it shouldn’t be hard to get your questions answered.

Similarly, you should always be offered an upfront, in-home, written cost estimate. Never settle for an over-the-phone quote.

Pro Tip: When getting cost estimates from several Chicagoland interstate movers, remember your priorities. Though you can almost always find a cheaper provider, too cheap of a price can be an indication of low-quality service—or worse, a scam.

4. Multiple Moving Options

Moving companies often specialize in different types of service. Some offer only quick, “load-up-and-move” type of help, while others can manage everything from door to door.

To find a company that matches your expectations, it’s better to err on the side of too many services. By doing so, you’ll be able to upgrade your support if you ever find yourself in need of extra help.

5. Nationwide Support for Chicago Interstate Moving

Last but not least, Chicagoland out-of-state movers are always better trained and equipped when they’re supported by a nationwide moving network. Rather than having to rely on their own (often limited) resources, network-affiliated movers have access to professional partners around the world. This support streamlines even the farthest move.

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For reliable interstate moving, Chicago suburbs and downtown residents have turned to Blackhawk Moving for more than 35 years. Not only are we experienced, but we’re also proudly affiliated with United Van Lines! Through this longtime partnership, we offer hassle-free services that are always customized to you, including:

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