Relocation is certainly a stressful time. Stress levels are high, especially where the safety and well-being of your goods and property are concerned. You don’t want the house you are moving out of to be damaged, and certainly not the new house you’re moving into to be damaged during the move-in process.

  Damage to a home occurs when:

o  Mud, dirt, or other outdoor substances are tracked into the home

o  Walls or doorjambs are scratched or gouged or marred by the corners and sides of large furniture items

o  Wood floors can also be scratched by furniture being dragged across it

At Blackhawk moving & storage, we go to great lengths to protect your home. Not only by moving your furniture and boxes safely and carefully, but also by preventing any damage with floor, wall, and door protection.

We use cardboard and high-quality neoprene “floor runners” to protect hardwood and tile floors from water, dirt and tar in the summer, and snow and salt in the winter.

  For flagstone, marble or other stone flooring material we use durable sheets of Masonite which will protect the floor from not only shoes and boots, but dolly wheels and furniture legs as well.

  For carpeted areas we have rolls of Carpet Shield which is a thick plastic sheeting with adhesive on one side that allows it to stick to carpeting and then be pulled back up without damaging the carpet. It can even by applied to carpeted stairs. This prevents mud or water or any other dirtying agent from getting on the carpet. Especially useful when it rains!

  To protect the trim on door jambs, we have tall moving pads with wire clips in them that fasten the pad to the inside of the door without causing any kind of interference for traffic in and out of the door. This is especially helpful for large armoires and other furniture that may have otherwise scraped or marred the paint or trim.

  While all our movers are trained professionals who treat your home and belongings with the utmost care and respect, we take these preventative steps to ensure your peace of mind and to ensure top-notch protection in the event of any unforeseen accidents. We aim to serve and to please, so if you have any concerns or special requests regarding the well-being of your home, be sure to mention it to the crew leader.