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Moving your family to another home is a big task that takes months of planning and packing. When you are going a long-distance, the transition becomes even more complicated. As suburban Chicago long-distance movers, Blackhawk Moving & Storage has seen customers deal with many of the same challenges over and over again. To give you an idea of what to expect when you move across the state, over state lines, or to another country, here are four of the most common moving challenges.

#1 Will You Drive or Fly?

If you are going to another country, it's likely that you'll have to fly to your new city. However, cross-country trips will force you to choose between driving or flying. A plane is faster, but you'll have to buy tickets and probably rent a car to get around in when you arrive. Those who have a vehicle that they want to keep may opt to drive. Just make sure that you leave plenty of time for a multi-day road trip.

#2 Getting Your Utilities up and Running Can Be Time-Consuming

When you get to your home, the utilities will almost certainly be turned off. You'll have to spend the first week or so scheduling appointments to have the electric, water, gas, phone, and internet turned on. If the utilities are on, then you'll need to transfer them into your name. Either way, some companies require a deposit to set up a new account, so you may have an unexpected expense to pay.

#3 Finding a Chicago Long-Distance Moving Company

Local moving companies can handle trips down the street, but aren't really equipped to handle a long-distance move. You'll need to research a Chicago long-distance moving company if you are coming to or leaving the Chicago area. Thankfully, Blackhawk Moving & Storage is an agent for United Van Lines, which provides us with the resources necessary to relocate our customers to places all over the world.

#4 Your Belongings Might Not Arrive When You Do

When you schedule a move with our suburban Chicago long-distance movers, your belongings will often be shipped out a day or two before you leave. However, they may not arrive at your new home before you do. This is because movers use large trucks and sometimes combine multiple shipments into one. Other shipments need to be loaded and may be dropped off before yours. So, when you arrive at your new property it may be a few days before the moving truck shows up.

We understand that your property is important to you. Our team is skilled in managing the logistics of a long-distance relocation, while also ensuring that belongings are well-secured to prevent any damage. Simplify your trip and your life by choosing a professional moving service like Blackhawk Moving & Storage. You can find out more about our pricing and get a free quote by calling us or filling out our online form.