chicago interstate movers

Are you planning to move out-of-state?  If the thought of all that goes into a long-distance move has your head spinning, then we are glad you found Blackhawk Moving – a preferred Chicago Moving Company! We have over 30 years of experience in conducting hassle-free moves throughout the United States, and we are more than happy to share some tips and tricks we have learned with you!

Avoid Last-Minute Problems by Starting Early

Moving can be a pain, no doubt about it, and it can be easy to procrastinate. Unfortunately, waiting until the last days or even weeks before moving to get started can lead to a lot of mistakes. To avoid the hassles of a rushed move, there are some things you can start doing as soon as you know the move is certain:

  • Set up your mail forwarding.
  • Schedule your utilities to be turned on at your new location the day you arrive.
  • Begin packing out-of-season items or other belongings you won’t need.
  • Get all doctors' and vet appointments out of the way and gather any necessary records.

Find Expert Chicago Interstate Movers

Getting help from professional movers can make a huge difference in your moving experience. But, knowing what to look for in a reliable moving company isn’t always easy, especially in Chicago! To ensure you get the services you need, make sure your moving company offers the following:

  • Full-service packing, loading/unloading, delivery, and storage.
  • Many years of experience in conducting out-of-state moves.
  • Proofs of quality service such as a BBB-accreditation and positive customer reviews.
  • Reasonable, up-front pricing with no hidden costs.

Help the Family Prepare for the Transition

Once you have found reliable movers and have some of the basic tasks out of the way, then you can start focusing on helping yourself and your family adjust to making a big life change. If you have children, setting aside time to prepare for the move can be especially important. Here are some ideas for helping everyone enjoy the move and avoid stress:

  • Get to know your new home. Visit first if possible, or do some online research together.
  • Plan some fun outings for you and the family in your new community.
  • Make time to visit with friends and family before the move.
  • Take time to enjoy the move! If traveling by vehicle, take time out to enjoy the countryside and do some sight-seeing. Puzzles and other games for the kids will help too!
  • Be patient. Moving can be hard for anyone no matter what age, but with time everyone should adjust fine!

Are You Ready to Plan the Perfect Out-of-State Move?

Moving to a new state can be exciting, but also stressful. With a little planning and a lot of help from qualified Chicago interstate movers, you can rest easy and enjoy a new chapter in your life.

If you’re ready to start planning your move, Blackhawk Moving is here to provide you with the expertise and resources you need! As agents of Wheaton World Wide Moving, we have everything you need for a seamless moving experience!