moving and storage chicago

Blackhawk Moving has assisted enough customers with their moves to understand the importance of offering Chicago moving and storage solutions. Many times, the logistics of a move just don’t line up. Whether you have too many belongings or your new home’s not ready yet, our Chicago moving and storage company can save you time and money.

By combining these integral short and long-term storage services pre-move, in-transit, or post-move, we can create a more seamless transition for our valued customers no matter the reason for needing it.

Complex Moves

Rather than trying to take on the challenge on your own, our Chicago moving and storage services come in handy when you face a complex move. If you are moving to or from multiple locations, we can store the belongings until every household is on the same timeline.

Long-Distance Move

When you are taking on a long-distance move, you can easily find yourself in a position where you need short-term storage solutions for days on the road. No matter what you need to store, we can keep your items safe and secure on our truck while you are in transit to the location of your new home.

Long-Term Storage During Move

While you are prepping and completing a move, you can store some of your belongings in our Chicago moving and storage facility. We offer safe and secure units to help clear your home out while you try to get everything organized. Without the pressure of time, you can move at your own pace and take advantage of our long-term storage.

Storage Before or After Move

If you only need short-term storage options before or after your move, we can still be of assistance. Whether you just need a few days of a few weeks to get your new house ready, we can hold onto all of your belongings. When you are ready, you can complete your move and get settled into your new home.

Moving to Smaller Home

In cases where you relocate from a large household to a smaller home, we offer our long-term solutions from our Chicago household storage facility. We understand that you might not have room for all of your possessions, and if you can’t bear to part with them, we keep them safe and secure no matter how long you decide to keep them with us.

No matter what the reason may be, Blackhawk Storage has the comprehensive moving and storage solutions you need to complete your relocation. To learn more about our storage options, we encourage you to call us or fill out our online form to request a free quote today.