chicago movers packing tips

Moving is often a stressful time requiring a lot of coordination and planning. Along with hiring Chicago movers and actually physically moving, you’ll need to pack carefully and keep track of things like address changes and utility account transfers. It’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why your go-to Chicago household movers have ten tips for your move to help make sure nothing gets overlooked and your moving experience is successful.

1.  Plan Ahead Of Time – Create a moving plan in advance of your move that includes lists of the necessary packing materials/boxes you’ll need, pre-move to-do checklists like transferring utilities and forwarding addresses, day-of to-dos like sweeping the house for overlooked items and meeting with landlords/previous tenants, and hiring sitters or Chicago moving companies to assist you and your family.

2.  Fill a Clear Tub with Day One Supplies – Fill a tub with things like cleaning supplies, tool kits, essential day-to-day items like toilet paper and bed sheets; everything you’ll need right away to get the new place cleaned up and ready to unpack. The clear tub will stand out against all of your cardboard boxes and will allow you to see exactly what’s inside of it.

3.  Color Code Your Boxes – Organize and pack your items according to the room they’ll live in. This will help you keep track of where everything is as you need it, and will also create a faster unpacking process.

4.  Keep Important Documents with You – If your kids are changing schools, you’re starting a new job, etc., make sure you keep any important documentation, like insurance policies, vaccinations, passports, etc. with you. Stick a folder with all your necessary information into your overnight bag, rather than being on the truck for your Chicago movers to unload. Ensure you can have access when you need it, by keeping it with you.

5.  Use Sandwich Bags for Pieces of Electronics – Don’t just throw all of your remotes and USB cords and charging cables into one bag; separate them according to device, and make sure to label everything clearly so you know exactly what goes with what when you unpack.

6.  Stop Buying Groceries Two Weeks Before Your Move – Limit the amount of food you throw out or have to move by using up the food you already have in your fridge so that it’s empty the day before your move. This way it has time to defrost without you having to worry about the logistics of coolers and icepacks. Additionally, using up your nonperishables, means that much less to pack, for your Chicago movers to haul, and you to unpack at your new home – especially if you find it has already expired.

7.  Keep Track of Your Move – Make note of shipment registration numbers and account numbers for your utilities and certain businesses in your old town – you may need to call them once you’ve moved away.

8.  Turn Your Utilities On Ahead of Time  - Make sure you’ll have electricity and heating or cooling at your new place before you move in, so that you’ll be ready to unpack in the new place the second you get there – no matter what time of day or year it is.

9.  Plan Out Your Floor Plan – If you’ve somehow got your hands on a layout of the floor plan in your new home, make note of where you’d like big furniture to be placed. It’ll be much easier to have your movers place your items where you’d like them to be than for you to struggle and drag them wherever you’d like them later on.

10.  Clean Your New Place Before Moving In – If possible, get to your new place ahead of your Chicago movers and do a thorough cleaning of all surfaces. This will make sure your new home is move-in ready, and it will make it feel cleaner and like home faster once your items are moved into your new space.

Moving is challenging enough. Don’t let it be a huge burden on your shoulders. Blackhawk Moving stands above other Chicago moving companies in our commitment to helping make your move as stress-free as possible.

Following these tips and letting our trained Chicago movers help you in your move is a smart start to making sure your move is as successful as possible.