It was a long, cold winter in the Chicagoland area, as we at Blackhawk Moving & Storage are sure you are all painfully aware. Thankfully, the sun has returned, the snow has melted, and the days are finally getting longer.  Pretty soon we’ll all be switching gears to complain about how it’s too hot instead of too cold… Ha! Well, before you run off to the tanning salon and start getting your beach bod’s ready, there’s one thing that needs to be taken care of…. SPRING CLEANING!!!!

The dreaded spring cleaning. Everyone hates it, but it’s a necessary evil.  Whether you’re preparing to move, or just doing some basic household up keep, the spring clean is the best way to give your house the summer beach bod it deserves!

1.  Pick a Room

  • The hardest part about getting started is…. Getting started! After a long winter, things can really pile up. Every room could probably use a bit of attention. Try starting with the room you use the most.  You’re most likely not going to be able to deep clean the entire home in a single day, so start with a place you spend the most time, then you’ll be able to feel the effects of your hard work immediately.

2.  Divide and Conquer

  • Ok, so you’ve decided on which room to attack, great! Now for the really tough part. Deciding what to keep, and what to toss.  This can be the one thing that grinds the whole cleaning process to a standstill. It might be best to have a friend, relative, or significant other with you to be an impartial judge on whether or not you absolutely need to keep that stack of old newspapers.
  • Find some old boxes to help in the decision process.  Label them Keep, Store, Donate then sort accordingly.
  • For all of the items that don’t make the cut, have trash bags at the ready.  The last thing you want to do is have to handle garbage more than once.

3.  Stay Organized

  • You’ve thrown out everything you could possibly part with and you’ve effectively divided up the remaining items into groups.  Now it’s time to get specific.
  • Group similar items that you're keeping  together like:
    • Clothes
    • Make up
    • CDs
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Tools
  • Move those items that are going into storage into boxes and label them clearly.
  • Make arrangements for donated items to be picked up or make time to drop them off ASAP!
  • Once everything is sorted, packed up, and labelled, move the remaining items and furniture out of the room temporarily.

4.  Deep Clean

  • Now that everything is out of the room, you should be staring at a blank canvas.  Time to start cleaning!!!! Get the vacuum, soapy water, and Windex and do what needs to be done.
  • Be sure to look out for cobwebs in the corners, and bugs in the light fixtures.
  • Wipe down the walls and base boards thoroughly, and don't forget the windows!

5.  Painting

  • Whether you’re getting ready to move, or you’re just cleaning, a little fresh paint never hurt anything.
  • Be sure to have drywall spackle and some sand paper handy if patch work is necessary.  If you have larger holes that need to be filled, you might need a little bit of primer before you start painting.
  • Always remember to have floor protection like drop clothes or newspaper to help keep the floor safe. 

6.   Furniture 

  • Once the room is clean and the paint is dry, it’s time to move the furniture back in.  This is your last chance to make any last second decisions about what you do and don’t want to keep.  Think hard!
  • Be creative. The room is fresh, take some time and figure out if the old configuration works or if it's time for a change.  If you've changed colors of paint, that might help fuel some creative license on where the couch should go!

7.  Smaller Pieces

  • If you’re getting ready to move, this is a good time to evaluate what items are truly necessary and which items can be packed up and stored for moving day.
  • Items like winter clothes can probably afford to be boxed up and stored for the move.
If you follow these simple instructions, we won't guarantee the experience will go faster, but it will be less of a headache.  If you just can't bring yourself to do it though, just remember, Blackhawk Moving & Storage does provide packing services, and cleaning services for an additional fee when you move.
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