Moving can be an intense process.  There’s just so much to think about. When are we closing on the house? Where are we moving? How’s the area? How are the schools? Did we switch the bills to the new address? There’s bound to be stuff that gets overlooked, and for some, what gets overlooked is finding a moving company!

At certain times of the year waiting until the last second to find a mover isn’t the end of the world. During the summer months, or what we in the moving industry call “Peak Season,” waiting until the last second can be a completely different story.  The industry as a whole is limited by the amount of drivers and trailers that are at the ready.  In slower parts of the year, there’s usually an abundance of drivers just waiting for a shipment to pick up.  During Peak Season, the reserve of drivers dwindles, and at some points can operate at a deficit. When this happens, it can result in blackout periods, which are stretches of time when agents simply can’t take on anymore moves; potentially leaving you high and dry.

So how do you protect yourself from the pit falls of Peak Season?

Be Prepared! 

  • Give yourself at least a month before your estimated move date to find a mover
    • Many people wait until 2 weeks prior to their move date and by that point it’s simply too late.
    • It’s always good to get a few estimates and see which option presents the best value.
  • Avoid moving at the beginning or the end of the month
    • The first and last week of any month during Peak Season are always first to fill up.
    • If you can, try moving closer to the middle of the month.
    • Moving on weekends can also be problematic.  Most moving companies charge overtime for Saturday services, and are typically closed on Sundays.
  • Ask questions!!!
    • When choosing the right moving company, have a list of questions ready to ask:
      • Do you provide packing services?
      • Do you charge for disassembly/ reassembly?
      • What sort of Valuation options are there?
    • Be proactive when it comes to your larger furniture:
      • Were your larger pieces assembled inside your home?
      • What door did your larger pieces come in through?
      • Did anything need to be hoisted?
  • Don’t wait until your home is sold, or until you’ve found your next home to look for a mover
    • It’s always best to shop for moving companies as soon as your home is listed, or as soon as you know you're going to be moving. You never know exactly when the house will sell, or if the sale might fall through. Give yourself one less thing to worry about at the time of closing and shop for your move early.  You can always adjust the move dates later if needed.
    • Sometimes folks have narrowed down their relocation to a city but haven’t found the exact house or apartment yet. Don’t let that stop you from booking your move.  In most cases, moving companies can provide storage options in the event you are unable to find your next home before your scheduled move date.
  • Be flexible with your move date
    • In Peak Season, dates can fill up quick, so you might need to a couple alternate dates ready just in case your original option is no longer available at the time you finally choose the right moving company.
Starting over in a new place can be a challenge. Blackhawk Moving and Storage wants to make sure that your move is the easiest part, so you can focus on more important things. So if your're planning on moving in the summer, be sure to get your "trucks" in a row.  You'll be happy you did! For more helpful moving advice, or to get a free quote, go to: