When moving, sometimes the day of delivery can be more important than the load date.  Picture this, you’re relocating to a new city for a new job. The last thing you want to be worrying about is a 2 week delivery spread for your household goods.  You’re trying to start off you’re new job on the right foot, but having to take a day off with 48-hours’ notice to your job isn’t exactly the best way to do it! What if there was an easier way?  Well Full Service Containers, or FSC’s, are a service we offer for some customers with less than 5,200 lbs of household goods.  Now, we know what you’re thinking...

How do I know if I have 5,200 lbs or less?

Well, we at Blackhawk Moving & Storage most often recommend Full Service Containers to customers living in a 2 bedroom apartment or smaller.

What exactly is a Full Service Container, and how does it differ from a traditional van move?

As opposed to a tradition move, where your household goods are packed into a portion of a van along with other customers; when using an FSC, your household goods are secured in an exclusive use 90” x 60” x 96” wooden container.  The container is loaded and unloaded at the residence, and is banded to ensure security during transport.

Does the transit time differ from a traditional van move?

Unlike our traditional full-service van moves, when you use containers to relocate, your goods will be delivered on the day of your choosing, though this does excludes weekends and Holidays. 

It’s no secret that the moving industry is limited by its driver capacity. During our peak season, this can be a real issue for people using traditional van services for their relocation.  But with full-service containers, we can provide pickup and delivery of your goods regardless of our driver capacity.

Can I change my delivery date?

What if you’re moving into a new home, but on the day of delivery the home isn’t ready? Well, full-service containers allow you the freedom to handle most of life’s unforeseen circumstances. When you use a full-service container to relocate your household good, you are given 3 weeks to use the container at no additional cost.

What about Valuation?

When using an FSC for your move, you get Full Value Protection for $10,000 per container with zero deductible.

Is there anything that doesn't go in a Full Service Container?

Though we would love to get everything into an FSC, the fact is that there are certain things that are either too big, to fragile, or unsafe to pack. Here’s a list of items that we unfortunately can’t put in an FSC:

· Motorcycles

· Kayaks

· Grandfather Clocks

· Pianos

· Antiques

· ATVs

· Riding Lawn Mowers

· Large gun safes

· Tempurpedic and memory foam mattresses

· Items over 89” in length

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