Moving can be a hectic experience for most people, but it can also be really hectic for your favorite four legged friend.  Animals can be very sensitive when it comes to huge changes like moving. Here’s some tips and tricks from Blackhawk Moving & Storage to help make sure your furry friends are happy when making the trip to their new home!

  • When we’re on the go, most people tend to just throw some food in their mouth and go, but it’s best not to feed your pets right before you leave to make the trip.  Keep them on their normal eating schedule.  It’s also important to keep them on a normal walking routine.  Breaking too much from the routine can put even a well-adjusted animal in an uncomfortable headspace.  Be sure to bring some snacks for the trip in case they get hungry before you’re able to stop.
  • With some more nervous pets, check with your veterinarian about administering a sedative or tranquilizer to help ease the stress of travelling.
  • A commonly over looked problem with some pets is water.  We as humans may not notice a difference in the water from one place to the next, but animals can be very sensitive to such changes.  On moving day, be sure to pack a container of fresh water to last the entirety of the trip.
  • On any long trip, every once and a while you need to get out, stretch your legs, and maybe use the restroom.  That goes double for pets! Be sure to stop at regular intervals to give your pets a chance to drink and go for a short run. It’ll help keep them calm, and help prevent accidents when on the road for long periods of time.
  • Being in a new place can be exciting! But be sure that before you open the doors of your vehicle to go exploring, your pet is secured on a leash. The last thing you want is for your furry friend to dart out into an area neither of you are familiar with.  They could easily get lost!
  • We all know that dog’s love to stick their heads out the window, but that could spell trouble on any long drive.  It could result in sore eyes caused by dust, grit, and insects in the air; inflamed ears and throats from too much exposure to wind.  To avoid these health issues it’s best to keep your windows rolled up enough so that you can keep a steady stream of fresh air coming into the vehicle, but not allow for the pet to be able to stick it’s head out.
  • No one likes being left behind, and neither do your pets.  Whenever possible always try to take your pets with you when outside of your vehicle. 
  • Strange places also include strange people.  When traveling, be sure to keep strangers, especially children, at a distance from your pets.  Even if your pet may normally be sweet and approachable, in the chaos of moving, they could very easily feel threatened and might growl or even snap at someone they don’t know.
  • Though your pets may be friendly and well behaved it might be best to leave them in your vehicle when you go into:


Hotel/Motel lobbies

Public builds

  • Whenever staying in a hotel, it’s always best to notify the management that you are leaving a pet unattended in the room.  Be prepared to pay a little extra if the pet accidentally damages the room.  As a courtesy to other and the hotel, before check out, spray the room with air freshener to eliminate any pet odors that might linger.

Travelling long distance with pets can be challenging, but when you follow these tips you should find the trip to be easier for both you and your pets.  If you have any other questions about moving your pets, you salesperson and move coordinator are always available to answer them.  For more helpful information about moving made easy, or to request a free quote today, go to: