It’s Primary Season once again!

Your favorite Chicagoland movers are helping to get Dekalb County voting in this 2016 primary season.  Blackhawk Moving and Storage is responsible for the storage and delivery of all voting booths and signage for the county, and will be delivering them to their respective voting places soon.  First, we will be delivering voting booths to early voting places in Dekalb, Kingston, and Sandwich. Come March 15, though, Blackhawk will be out delivering booths to over 40 different locations!  If you’re voting in Sycamore, Dekalb, Maple Park, Genoa, Cortland, Kingston, Malta, Paw Paw, and more, then Blackhawk will be making sure that you have a voting booth in which to cast your vote!

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, or undecided; Blackhawk is there to make sure that everyone in Dekalb County has somewhere to cast their vote in 2016.

To find out more about how Blackhawk is helping the community or to book you next move go to

And be sure to get out and vote this March 15, because all politics IS local!