Now that we’re in the dead of winter, you might want to consider holding off on your move until the weather improves. The last thing you’ll want is to add more misery to your move by having to do it in the freezing cold and heavy snow. By waiting a few more months, you’ll benefit from all of the following:

A Faster Move

Ice and snow make for dangerous driving conditions. Because of this, you or the drivers from the Chicago relocation company you hire will be forced to drive slower, extending the timeline of your project.

A More Comfortable Move

Chicago winters are notorious for their brutally low temperatures. Moving around in all of those layers is both uncomfortable and exhausting. Save yourself the hassle of having to repeatedly strip off your winter gear and put it back on by waiting until spring to go through with your move.

More Daylight

Due to daylight savings, you’re given more sunlight to complete your moving project. Because of this, you’ll be more motivated to continue working until the sun sets. As a result, you’ll finish your project faster than you would in winter.

Low Prices on Movers

Although more people want to move in spring than winter, it’s still not as expensive or non-flexible as moving in summer. You’ll still benefit from nice weather and a smooth move without any scheduling conflicts or high costs!

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