When you’re getting ready to move, it may be easy to think that you simply need to pack all of your belongings in boxes, have them loaded into the moving truck, and you’re ready to go. While the pros at Blackhawk Moving & Storage would like this to be the case as well, there are some things that we simply cannot move—for our own safety and yours. Before you tape up the last of your boxes, take a second look and make sure you haven’t packed any of the following:

Hazardous Materials

While some of the items on this list may seem harmless, the chemicals and properties of certain items make them unfit for moving because they are flammable, can have adverse reactions to other items/substances and generally create safety hazards for the moving team and your family or business. In fact, the following cannot legally be transported at all, either by federal law or internal Blackhawk policies:

·  Nail polish remover

·  Paints and paint thinners

·  Lighter fluid/gasoline/propane

·  Fireworks

·  Oxygen bottles

·  Matches

·  Other chemical substances

Personal & Sentimental Items

While the following list of items isn’t necessarily too dangerous to have your movers pack, they are very personal and oftentimes hard, if not impossible to replace. Make sure that these particular belongings are kept safe and secure by transporting them yourself and keeping them with you during all stages of your relocation:

·  Cash

·  Collections

·  Family photos and memorabilia

·  Important personal papers (legal documents, deeds, wills, etc.)

·  Jewelry

·  Moving documents

If you’re unsure about something you’re considering packing, contact your friendly Blackhawk representative and he or she can help you decide what’s safe and secure to transport. You can get even more information about packing and moving by speaking to one of our representatives today or filling out our quick online form to receive your FREE, no-obligation moving estimate.