When you’ve just purchased a new home, adding the cost of moving into it can start to feel heavy. So you think, “Hey! Why not just rent a truck and do it myself?” Why this may seem like a practical option for local or short distance relocations, it becomes less and less feasible the further your new home may be. There are hidden costs to DIY moves—is it right for you?

Packing the Wrong Way – It seems like a no-brainer, but is actually one of the most important steps to ensure your items can make it to your home unharmed. With professional packers, you won’t have to worry about lost items, broken glass, or items bouncing around. There are many tips and methods in which to properly pack and messing one up can lead to an unsafe box that may bend, break, or is even considered over packed. At Blackhawk Moving, we offer both full and partial packing services to fit the needs of any household.

Hang on for the Ride – Ok so you’ve decided to pack yourself, whether you packed correctly or not now it’s time to brace for the journey. If you’re moving far, chances are the road won’t be perfectly smooth straight all the way to your destination. If your truck or car is tackling the long road with an excess amount of weight, it can put pressure on your car, have higher risk of accidents, and even the smallest pothole can be devastating for fragile items. Our moving company uses Air-Ride equipped vehicles with smooth suspension that allows for an uninhibited, safe drive to your home.

More than Just Moving – Lastly, relocation is more than just moving your items from here to there. Once you arrive you have the (un)pleasant task of opening all of your boxes and putting them in the right place. With professional movers planning your move, your boxes will be organized and easily segregated from the start. Not only that, but Blackhawk Moving offers home protection during move-in, debris removal, and appliance setup so you can have the most stress-free moving day possible.

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