Moving into a new home should be an exciting time. After all the strenuous moving is done, it’s time to start the more exciting task of giving your new domicile some personality. However, before you start buying any fancy artwork or stylish furniture sets, you might want to look into security. Freshly moved-in homes can be highly susceptible to burglars, and it would be a shame if your belongings were stolen. Nothing kills the excitement of relocating more than having your new home broken into, so follow these precautionary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen.  

Change the Locks and Garage Code

First things first: you need to change the locks and the garage code. In most cases, you’re not going to know the previous owners of the house and there is a chance they may still have a key or the code. Even worse, it’s possible that they’ve made copies of the key and handed them out to friends, or given out the garage code. That’s too many strangers with easy access to your house. Because of this, it’s always smart to change your locks and garage code. If you want added security, install deadbolts.

Install a Security System

If your new home is missing a security system, don’t be hesitant to get one installed. Sure, they may be a bit expensive, but you can’t put a price on your safety and the safety of others living in your house. These systems are highly effective for deterring criminals, causing nine out of ten burglars to scram when sounding an alarm, according to Goldy Locks, Doors and Security Systems. What’s really cool about security systems is you can have them installed before moving in, and they help you save money on home insurance. Add security while saving money? It’s a win-win!

Research the Area

If you didn’t do this during the home buying process, you should probably get started on it as soon as possible. Researching and learning crime statistics of the area helps you know what you’re up against so you can better prep your new house. It’s also beneficial to know where the nearest police station is, so in the event of a break in, you know how long the response time should be.

Maintain the Landscape

Yardwork not only makes the place look nice, it also indicates that someone lives there, making criminals think twice before trying any tricks. By letting your grass grow long or allowing your shrubbery to cover the windows, you’re essentially inviting a burglar to try and rob you. Most likely, your house was vacant for some time before you moved in, so it might be necessary to take care of any yardwork immediately. Relocating is extremely tiring, so consider some moving help if you want to take care of this on the first day.

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