A good portion of a move is the actual transportation of your items.

When you move with a van line, there are a lot of things that can happen during the actual moving process. Your items are loaded into a trailer and then a driver takes off with all of your belongings. How do you know that they were packed carefully or that the driver is driving carefully?

When you move with Chicago movers, Blackhawk Moving & Storage, you can have confidence in knowing that your items are taken good care of. We know that packing the items is just the first part of the move. We emphasize the importance of excellence in every aspect.

  • Loading: The way you load the trailer can directly affect the results of the move.  You want the trailer to be balanced so that it doesn’t sway and tip over boxes.
  • Driving: Semi-trucks are difficult to maneuver.  In general, the larger the vehicle, the longer it takes to slow down and stop.  It also has more surface area for wind to catch.  Knowing where you are at all times helps you stay safe on the road. Our drivers are conscious of where their trucks are on the road.
  • Speed: Our drivers are cautious to drive at proper speeds. Since it takes more distance for trucks to stop, we take care to leave plenty of room between us and the cars in front of us.

We recently received a letter from a customer about our driving.  A friend of theirs saw our truck on the highway and stayed with it for a few hours.  He was incredibly impressed with our driver.  He mentioned that the truck was well balanced and consistently stayed in the middle of its lane.  The driver used all proper signaling to change lanes and stayed at a safe speed.

Driving is an important aspect of a move that often goes unnoticed.  It should be a top priority to moving companies as it helps to ensure the safety of your items. When you move with Blackhawk, you can rest assured that your items are in excellent hands.

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