Packing is an art – and like any art, it takes time and patience to perfect...

But our residential movers would like to save you some time, both immediately and in the future. That’s why this year, whether you’re just packing up your holiday decoration for the season or you’re packing them up for an impending move, make sure to be strategic: Separate them using very specifically labeled boxes... you’ll be happy you did.

There are many types of Christmas decorations: There are those that go inside and those that hang out outside, perhaps on your front lawn or your roof.

The Blackhawk team recommends that you separate these indoor/outdoor items when packing. Not only will it make the process more efficient going into the boxes, but you’ll have a better handle on where everything is come next season.

Once you split your decorations into the major outdoor/indoor camps, it’s time to break it down even further. Like items should always go with like item, which avoids confusion, tangling, lost items and just about everything else that you can’t stand about getting festive.

And if you find yourself with too many boxes, don’t threat. At Blackhawk, we have the space you need and systems in place to make storing and retrieving your belongings a simple and streamlined process.

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