If you’re moving away from Chicago and you think the country would be a nice change of pace, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that your transition will be rewarding. At Blackhawk Moving, our top priority is making your country move a success! Some things to consider before your relocation include
  • Career and Income: If you’re moving far into the country, commuting every day might be unrealistic. Will you be able to work from home, or will you start your own business? Make sure that you have enough savings to support yourself during your career transition.
  • Internet: If you rely on the internet and love your cable TV, ensure that you can still get reliable, high-speed service where you’re moving.
  • Medical Care, Stores, and Other Necessities: How long will it take an ambulance to get to your property in case of an emergency? Make sure you know! Will you have to drive a long way to get to a grocery store, restaurant, or source of entertainment?
  • Road Maintenance: If there’s a storm or snowfall, you might be trapped if your road is low-priority for clearance. Make sure you have a reliable car that can withstand all types of road conditions.
  • Friends and Neighbors: Try to meet people whenever possible, perhaps by carpooling your kids to school. The country can be isolating, and sometimes you’ll want to see a familiar face.
Moving from Chicago to the country doesn’t have to be stressful with Blackhawk Moving! Our friendly, comprehensive services will help get you settled in seamlessly so you can explore your new surroundings. Contact us today!