There are two things I know:  No one should eat oysters between May and August, and no one has ever written a book called The Pleasures Of  Moving.

We at Blackhawk Moving and Storage, agent of United Van Lines, America’s top mover, understand that moving to another state can be a very stressful time that requires extra planning and preparation.  The following tips, drawn from our three and one half decades of Chicago area moving service will help you with that planning, and will allow you the peace of mind you deserve for a stress free move.

  • Start Early and Often – The calendar is not your friend.  This will take longer than you think.
  • Consult Blackhawk  - We are experts at our chosen profession and will advise you of all options and services.
  • Prepare Your Family – Collect your personal records. Learn more about your new destination.  United’s eAcceptance Documents can provide useful information about your new location.
  • Plan For Packing – Your Blackhawk representative will explain the benefits of full carrier packing. If you plan to pack yourselves, set realistic goals to ensure that all packing is completed by moving day.
  • Dispose of Unwanted Items – If you have not looked at an item for years, consider disposing of it.  Consider charitable donations and perhaps conducting a garage sale.  Begin to use up canned goods and frozen foods.
  • Continue Consulting With Blackhawk – Advise our moving company of any changes in the items you are moving.  Have you added or eliminated things?  Do we have your en route contact information?
  • Other Important Details – Dispose of prohibited items:  Flammables, cleaning fluids, aerosols, etc.  Drain gas from your lawn mower.  Make travel plans for your pets.
  • Last Minute Details – Pack your suitcases.  If you have young children consider arranging for a baby sitter.  Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer.  Pack a carton or two of items you may need immediately upon arrival at destination.  Those items can be loaded last and unloaded first.
I believe the above captioned tips along with Blackhawk’s unsurpassed experience and commitment to quality will enable you to experience the seamless, stress free relocation you deserve.  Perhaps some day we will see your name below the title The Pleasures Of Moving, but either way, stay away from those oysters in months without the letter ‘r.”