Portable StorageAt Blackhawk Moving and Storage we are always looking for ways to make your life easier through our services. If you need some extra space in your home or office but either need quick access to your items or prefer packing them yourself, Chicago portable storage containers are perfect for you! You may have seen portable storage containers before and not understood what they were but their purpose is simple: provide people on-site storage on their own terms. Our portable storage containers are 16x8x8 and can hold approximately 1,500-sq. ft. of living or office space. Just imagine the space you could clear filling one of these up.

Here are some clear cut facts as to why you should consider portable storage in Chicago today:

  • Delivered to Your Doorstep: Our moving experts will position your portable storage unit anywhere on your propert
  • Load at Your Own Pace: Whether you are keeping it on-site or loading for a move, the pace is up to you.
  •  Long and Short Term Packages: We will work with you on the most optimal time period for your family or business.
  •  Great for Renovations: Clear out a room for 72 hours and have your furniture on-site for easy and fast access.
  •  Perfect for Archiving: Use the portable storage unit as safe and secure storage for all your important files.
There is no limit to the use of Chicago portable storage containers.  Contact a Blackhawk Moving and Storage representative right now and see how we can enhance your life!