Unfortunately, not everyone in our community has a warm place to call home; or one to move for that matter. Within the confines of Dekalb County, there is a place where the homeless and hungry are able to seek refuge with a warm meal and friendly conversation. This place is called Feed’em Soup and they’re dedicated to providing meals for those less fortunate. The non-profit program has been a success since its beginning in September 2010 and at Blackhawk Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on our desire to support local groups and businesses. So this past Christmas our DeKalb moving company rounded up as many food and monetary donations as we could, in an effort to encourage the growth and mission of Feed’em Soup. Our campaigning accumulated to an entire car load of food and a large financial donation!  The volunteers were ecstatic to see us walk through their doors with our arms full of gifts. It was such a pleasure to know that our efforts will directly and positively affect members of our local community.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile organization to support or seeking a fun-filled atmosphere to volunteer in, Feed’em Soup is an excellent contender for your list of potentials. To learn more about their mission and the many ways they care for our community, stop over to their website: www.feedemsoup.org or pop on in for their next meal!